The Bożenna Chechlińska Foundation
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During severe illness and after the death of Mrs. Bożenna Chechlińska in November 2008, her sister Mrs. Margaret Dobrzańska took care of the animals and Przytulisko. At the moment, she lives in the house in Harbutowice with her husband George and together they take care of orphaned dogs. On April 20, 2009 Margaret and George Dobrzańscy founded the Bożenna Chechlińska Foundation, whose main objective is to take care of the Shelter in Harbutowice. The Shelter is maintained only from your donations and from modest private funds, so there is no money for fees: electricity, fuel, and above all board and treatment of animals.


All efforts for the shelter are conducted of charity and during personal free time. They are non-profit actions, and therefore we ask you for your help. Each payment to the account of the Foundation will be very important to us and will be well used.

If anyone would like to take care of one of the dogs or cats, please contact us by telephone. But equally valuable for us will be adoption from a distance. If you would like to help our pets, you do not have to take them home. Just choose one of the dogs or cats and provide a small monthly payment to the shelter's account with the indication for which pet they are intended.

We invite you to watch a touching report about the dedication and boundless love for animals. This is the first production of the Foundation "For Hostels" representing a wonderful person with the heart of a dove - Margaret Dobrzańska. Malgorzata day by day manages the Shelter in Harbutowice near Kraków. Together with her husband she takes care of more than 80 dogs. Without the help of the community, without any help from the government, she is all the time looking for support from private donors, companies and institutions.


She struggles with adversities of fate and with very demanding physical and mental work needed when helping the most needy animals. In the reportage she talks about conflicts with so-called "animal lovers", her family, her deceased sister, the history of the Shelter and its current needs. The interview with Mrs Malgorzata is interspersed with pictures of the residents of the facility in Harbutowice.

About us

The shelter for Animals in Harbutowice was founded in autumn 1999. Located in a village not far from Myślenice the one-storey house and garden with an area of 30 acres was designed by Mrs. Bożena Chechlińska entirely for homeless dogs and cats, especially for old animals, crippled and orphaned as a result of the death of the owner. Originally, the house was a refuge for several dogs and cats. At the moment, it is completely full, despite the fact that many of the animals were able to find new homes, it still holds approx. 55 animals.