The Bożenna Chechlińska Foundation
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KRS: 0000332425


Donate by Dotpay

Donations to the shelter in Harbutowice can be made with instant bank transfers carried out by the Dotpay Settlements Centre. To make a donation via Dotpay, please click on the banner below.

How you can help us...

Donate through PayPal

From 11 July 2011 Donors wanting to support a shelter in Harbutowice have the opportunity to make a donation via PayPal. To make a donation via PayPal, please click on the banner below.

Transfer to a bank account

A direct deposit into the shelter's bank account. Below, you will find the bank account number. We would be grateful for any, even the smallest donation, as we reported on the home page, need money for everything: fees, food, treatment of animals...


Fundacja im. Bożenny Chechlińskiej
ul. Lubelska 12/10, 30-003 Kraków


Data for foreign transfers:
IBAN: PL 55 1240 1431 1111 0010 2542 8516


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Make a 1% tax donation
If you would like to help the dogs dwelling in the przytulisko in Harbutowice please give 1% of your tax to the Bożena Chechlińska Foundation by writing the KRS number 0000332425 in your tax form. The funds will be used to improve the fate of homeless and abused animals. Taxpayers filling tax forms PIT: 28, 36, 36L, 37, 38, 39 can support the Foundation. On February 1, 2016, the Bożenna Chechlińska Foundation running a shelter for dogs and cats in  Harbutowice received the status of a Public Benefit Organization and is enlisted in the Register of Public Benefit Organisations entitled to receive 1% of income tax from individuals.